Manufacturer of Fruit & Vegetable Powder products


We are a manufacturer of Fruit & Vegetable Powder products

Zelang Medical is the first manufacturer in China PR utilizing the new patent 'MELLES' to produce plant extracts. Dr. Liu invented the new extraction technology, which compared to traditional extraction, 'MELLES' adopts Integrated Membrane System, mainly consisting of MFM (micro-filtration membrane), UM (ultrafiltration membrane) and ROM (reverse osmosis membrane), pipeline system, and low pressure extraction system.

The advantages of using 'MELLES' are below:

  • Lower pesticides residue, pesticides filtered by UM or ROM.
  • Lower heavy metals, filtered by MFM.
  • Lower microbiological results, filtered by MFM. (The pipeline procedure ensures no alterations by human touch).
  • Better solubility in cold water.
  • Lower production cost.

Quality Assurance

All products are tested before delivery and are conducted by our highly trained and qualified testing engineers at Zelang Medical Quality Assurance Department. Our lab is equipped with state-of-the-art HPLC testing systems, UV testing systems, loss on drying equipment, heavy metals residue equipment, microorganism equipment and more.