Manufacturer of Fruit & Vegetable Powder products


We are a manufacturer of Fruit & Vegetable Powder products

Nanjing Zelang Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to health food, dietary nutritional supplements and nutritional food products such as health information research, technology development, commissioned processing, marketing as one of the integrated enterprise. Professional to provide customers with health food OEM / ODM services. Production plant is located in Nanjing, Jiangsu, China, traffic and logistics is very convenient. Products sold at home and abroad. Production management in strict accordance with national laws and regulations to control the overall quality of the risk, from the raw material suppliers to filter and audit, storage inspection, intermediate process testing, product testing and staff practices and other aspects of the implementation of the implementation of strict quality control implementation system. Pay attention to staff training, so that every employee quality control rose to ideology and high standards of implementation.

GMP and QS workshop in strict accordance with the GMP and QS standard operation, in strict accordance with the standard production process, automatic production and processing equipment, all kinds of sealing machine, film machine, code Machine, granulator, dryer, mixer and advanced sterilization equipment to ensure quality.